Every year we hold our elections in May.  Our bylaws were updated in 2015-2016 to add a Correspondence Secretary.  Below you'll see short descriptions of the duties of the Executive Committee (including Committee Chairs); more details can be found here: JOBS

Prerequisite: must have previously served a term on the Executive Committee.
The PTA President runs the General and Executive Committee (EC) meetings, ensures the PTA is running smoothly, that we are using our funds and our volunteer efforts to support our mission, and acts as the spokesperson for the PTA.  The President also provides an update on PTA activities to the GWCS Board at their meetings and serves on the Board of the Green Woods Foundation for Environmental Education.

 Vice President
The PTA Vice President acts as a back-up to the President in running meetings, reporting to the GWCS Board, etc. and assists the EC in their efforts,  plus serves on the Board of the Green Woods Foundation for Environmental Education.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary creates all general and EC meeting agendas and takes minutes, and maintains all the PTA records.

The Treasurer manages the financial aspects of the PTA including bank accounts and financial reports to PA PTA, according to the bylaws of the PTA and the laws of the Commonwealth and the United States.  The treasurer also maintains a transparent accounting of all financial aspects of GWCS PTA and its programs, projects and activities.

Correspondence Secretary
The Correspondence Secretary is responsible for all communications of the GWCS to membership and the community, including event announcements, social media platform maintenance, the newsletter and the website.  They act as the Communications Committee Chair, working with any volunteers who assist with these tasks and working with the rest of the EC to ensure marketing is done for events and programs.

Fundraising Committee Chair
The Fundraising Committee Chair works to raise the funds needed for the PTA to operate, both general funds and committee and program needs.  They ensure that the GWCS community knows how, when, and how much the PTA raises and spends.  They act as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee, working with fundraising program coordinators and fundraising event coordinators.

Membership and Volunteer Coordination Committee Chair
The Membership and Volunteer Chair oversees membership and both school and PTA volunteer opportunities.  They work to increase membership and communicate its benefits to potential members.  They communicate with parents/community members so they are aware of volunteer opportunities and work to get those filled.  If there are class parents, they coordinate those efforts and ensure families informed of school and PTA events through their classroom community.

Events and Hospitality Committee Chair
The Events and Hospitality Chair works to foster a sense of community with all GWCS families, teachers and staff, planning and holding community building events for all ages of GWCS students and families.  They oversee the committee of volunteer event coordinators.

The difference between bylaws and standing rules is fairly simple:  Bylaws are the rules our PTA must follow. They are adopted and amended by a vote of  members at a general meeting. PTA bylaws may not conflict with the bylaws of National PTA or the PA PTA and they cannot conflict with state or federal law and are required for nonprofit status. The  PA PTA provides us with a template for bylaws. Standing rules outline the procedures of the PTA with specific details that are not included in the bylaws and that must not conflict with the bylaws. Standing Rules are a board document. Unlike bylaws which can be changed only by membership, standing rules can be changed more easily. Standing rules may be changed from meeting to meeting.

Bylaws & Standing rules

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