Report Cards & Homework

Questions such as what do the "scores" mean, and how much homework is expected.

School Calendar

Questions about Back to School Night, 6-day schedule, "specials," snow make-up days, conference days, cancellations, delays,   early dismissals, and how the calendar is set.

School Supply List

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Questions about hot, free and reduced cost lunches, reusable containers, and allergies.


Questions about why GWCS doesn't have a traditional looking playground, how teachers do recess, etc.

Transportation phone numbers you can use if your bus is late:

  • Philly Trans - 215-842-1222

Questions about membership, what we do, state/national PTA, committees, what is the GWCS PTA vs. GWCS Board vs. GWCS Foundation

  • Report Cards/Homework
  • Recess
  • Volunteering
  • Clubs
  • Before/After Care
  • Summer
  • One Call

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about K students, buses, car line, and some answers for "why doesn't...."

Whether a new family at Green Woods or even a few years in, us parents and caregivers often have questions.  Some of them were answered by reviewing the GWCS webpage’s FAQ section.  Others we did what we could to find the answers.  Now that we have them, we want to share!  Our hope is to BE the compass that points to the answer to welcome new families and support our existing families! 

So, here are some answers for your questions, organized by category.  We hope you find this useful!


Questions about how to contact teachers, classroom  concerns, party procedures, and lockers


The uniform policy is in the student handbook, but some additional clarification is here.  Uniforms are sold through Flynn & Ohara.

School Supply Lists are provided by each of the grade teams over the summer:  K-1-2        3-4-5

6               7-8