Outside School (no teacher/admin/etc. required)

Programs or activities to undertake             ** = spend funds

  • More dine-to-donate events   
  • Playground meet-ups throughout the year; library meet-ups
  • Bowling at High Spot or Pechin Street
  • Rock climbing
  • Sky Zone
  • School fair with carnival games, etc.
  • Other families in my neighborhood whose kids go to Green Woods

Could be both In/Outside School (could happen without teacher/admin involvement)
Programs or activities to undertake             ** = spend funds

  • Earth Day celebration/activities **
  • School-wide family events to build community **
  • Potlucks
  • Community Service days/club (MLK Day?)
  • Diversity program
  • Inclusion event (spend time with kids with special needs)
  • Women in STEM event
  • Food festival, bounce house
  • Clay/glass blowing mobile classroom
  • Agriculture mobile classroom
  • Activities and food for kids during PTA meeting (older students help out?) – reading/author events, science experiments, mathletes
  • Workshops, special speakers for kids

Both In/Outside School (teacher/admin involvement required)

Programs or activities to undertake             ** = spend funds

  • After-school clubs  **
    • Robotics
    • Drama/theater
    • Foreign language
    • Musical instrument lessons
    • Choir
    • Non-athletic team-building
    • Sports (basketball, running)
  • Community garden, nutrition, cooking (possible grant through Recycle Bank? Help from Saul High School, Weaver’s Way Co-op, or Whole Foods?)
  • Earth Day event (with community partners like vendors and local farmers; talks about composting and recycling)
  • Bat/butterfly garden

Inside School (teacher/admin involvement required)

Programs or activities to undertake             ** = spend funds

  • Museum Night/Science Fair
  • Playground **
  • Big brother/big sister mentoring program between younger and older students
  • Annual harvest festival/spring fling at the school
  • Social event by grade at the school
  • Full-day field day
  • Legacy and First Tee
  • Male teachers grow beards; students vote how it gets shaved
  • On-site after-school care
  • School store
  • Events that involve the whole school community (families and teachers) at the school (dance/harvest festival), particularly early in the school year
  • School Fair

Other Areas Suggested for Spending PTA Funds:

  • 8th Grade Graduation
  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Assemblies
  • Field trips – either subsidize all or provide scholarship program for families in need
  • School supplies – large shipment of items (like sanitizer) or scholarship program for families in need
  • Playground
  • Shuttle bus for field studies at the Schuylkill Center
  • Musical instruments
  • Greenhouse or garden
  • Food (e.g. pizza) brought in for lunch once/week

Our future? - Help Plan it!

imagine possibilities......

We had a lot of great ideas from the 2015-2016 long-term planning meetings and discussions.  We broadly categorized the ideas into four groups (notes available) and prioritized them.  We have begun implementation or at least more detailed planning where possible for those below in peach.  Some require a fair amount of resources to implement them - and much of that is in the form of volunteer help!

Let us know if YOU are that resource! email: greenwoodscharterpta@gmail.com

At our visioning session on October 14, 2015, we asked attendees the questions below to think about their vision for our PTA. The first rule was to keep our mission in mind: The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

  •  I would love us to have these events to build community:
  • As a parent I could better help my child if I knew more about:
  • I think it’d be a really fun fundraiser if we:
  • My kids would definitely want to come to these events:
  • An organization I know had this great program, I’d love to bring it to GWCS:
  • My kids would really benefit from a program/event like:
  • I think we should spend our funds raised for:
  • I wish I knew more about the way GWCS/Charter Schools do:

AND we sent them home asking them to think about the timing and resources needed to implement the ones they felt most strongly about…. When (realistically) could this event/fundraiser/program happen, how many volunteers are needed for planning/execution, what other resources are needed – such as location, equipment, etc., and how much money would this require/earn?

The PTA of Green Woods Charter School Philadelphia